Playing golf again after cataract surgery

My name is Pádraig (Patrick) and I am a keen amateur golfer from Galway, Ireland (my name gives it away). I’ve been playing golf since I was a boy, starting out with one of my dad’s cut down five irons and I’ve been playing more since I retired. I’ve never been good enough to turn professional, but I’ve a good handicap and enjoy the challenge of the game, meeting up with friends on the green and in the clubhouse to discuss the best hybrid to improve my game, or just to put the world to rights. Golf also helps to keep me fit and active since I’m on the course for about four hours each round I play.
The problem with cataracts

For some time I realised that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t track the ball I had just hit. This made for a miserable round of golf as I constantly had to ask for help to find my ball. I didn’t play golf so much and missed the game. On the advice of my beloved wife (I think I was getting under her feet at home!) I went to my optometrist to check if my cataracts had got worse. I already knew that I had cataracts as I’d seen my optometrist when I experienced difficulties moving from shade to sunlit areas on the golf course, a symptom of cataracts I didn’t know about until then. At that time I was given glasses to help me. This visit, my optometrist said my cataracts could no longer be improved by changing my glasses. I was referred to an eye specialist for surgery to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a clear plastic one.

High-Tech Lens

Technology is advancing all the time and instead of my cataract being replaced with a conventional single focus intraocular lens implant which provides good distance vision, but usually requires the use of reading glasses or bifocals for reading. I was given a high-tech lens implants that not only helps me track the golf ball, but also allows me to read my score card without reading glasses, which was something I hoped for, but isn’t guaranteed to happen for everyone.
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5 Celebrities Who Love To Play Golf

Golf is an exciting game right now with new winners on the PGA Tour most weeks. Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Bubba Watson and Adam Scott dominate the golf news headlines, but there are other great golfers on the celebrity circuit who love to play golf as much as any pro.

Alice Cooper

alice cooperDid you know that golf helped save the life of rock legend Alice Cooper? Cooper picked up golf to help him battle his alcoholism. Instead of 12 steps, he took the 18 holes approach to sobriety, a story documented in his book ‘Golf Monster: My 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict’
He tries to play 36 holes a day and has a 7 handicap. Cooper has appeared in adverts for Callaway golf clubs and has teed off with Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh.

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Dennis Quaid

dennis quaidQuaid started playing golf at the age of 36, struggling until the day he hit a drive so clean and crisp that he was hooked. Golf is Dennis’ way to escape from the rest of the world.
Whilst Quaid plays golf daily, he has not yet returned to his best form of a 1-handicap. In 2005, Golf Digest named Quaid as the top golfer among the “Hollywood set”.

Celine Dion

celine dionSinger Celine Dion may have sold in excess of 200 million records, but that’s not her only passion. When Australian Karrie Webb won the Nabisco Golf Championship in California by 10 strokes in 2000, Celine jumped into the pond to congratulate her.
Dion also owns the golf club Le Mirage in Terrebonne near Montreal that has two courses that offer very different challenges. The club is among the most beautiful and spacious in Quebec.

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Interesting presents for golf players

Whilst there are a glut of gift ideas for those who love the game of golf, many of them making the golfer look good on the fairway or to proudly proclaim their skill on the green, we’ve found three gift ideas that are more interesting than personalised golf tees or a golf club pen set.
24 Karat Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set
A wonderful addition to any enthusiastic golfer’s display collection, ideal for the mantelpiece, cabinet or desktop is a set including a real tournament-grade golf ball and tee that has been plated in 24 karat gold. One set is available to purchase for display purposes only. The other set is a playable golf ball and tee dipped in purest 24 karat gold and polymer mixture. Each playable ball retains its ability to fly straight and long and remains durable thanks to its special formula. There will be no loss in a game using this ball and the set will be sure to impress their golfing partners.
Each set comes in a small black presentation box within a pouch of black velvet. It makes a great presentation gift on any occasion.
PING’s Golf Workout
Purchase an Apple Watch as a present and add the Ping Golf workout app to let them monitor their fitness activity. In practice mode, you can time your backswing and downswing, or measure your tempo. The play mode lets you track fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per round, and your score.
The PING putting cradle has been an instant hit with both professional and amateur golfers. It provides data about their putting stroke to help improve their game. It’s a gift they’re almost guaranteed to love.
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