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Here at Golf Life, our aim is to make the sport even more accessible and fun for everyone, from beginners to advanced players. We want to share our expertise and love of the game with everyone, and to help you to learn more about your favourite sport. We know how exciting golf can be, and here at Golf Life you can submerge yourself in the golfing lifestyle with our unique perspective on both the serious and fun side of the sport. Whether you're looking for advice, want to catch up with the latest stats on your favourite golfer or just want to kick back with some fun stories from the green, we have a driving ambition to please!

The Golf Life Team

Josh Conner

The first time I played golf I was 8 years old. My Dad was a member of the local golf club and took me with him in the school summer holidays to help carry his clubs and find his lost balls. I soon fell in the love with the game and begged him to take me with him every weekend. For my 10th birthday I was given a course of golfing lessons which taught me all of the key skills and deepened my interest even further. Sadly, I never managed to become a professional golfer, finding work as an engineer in Saudi Arabia instead. However when I retired and returned to the UK with my wife and two teenage sons I was keen to pursue the game. Now I'm 55 and I still spend most weekends on my local green, participating regularly in local competitions. When Bill and I first came up with the idea of creating this site we were really excited at the prospect of spending even longer on our top pastime and to share our love of the sport with readers all over the world.

Bill Kenny

I came to golf relatively late in life, which means I still have a lot to catch up on! It wasn't until I was promoted to a managerial post in my work as a chartered surveyor that I first encountered the game when I was invited to a golfing corporate event with the other company executives. Of course, I was absolutely hopeless that first time, but it sparked an interest in the game which led me to become a member of my local club. That's where I met Josh, when he was kind enough to give me some invaluable tips about how to chip my ball out of the rough! After a round one day we started chatting about the idea of creating a golfing lifestyle site over a beer and the rest is history!With our combined love of golf and our own unique perspectives on the sport, we take pride in bringing you a fun and friendly site that tells you everything you need to know!

Some Fun Golfing Facts

Did you know...?

Hollywood actor, Samuel L Jackson, loves golf so much that he demands a clause in all of his movie contracts that allows him to play golf at least twice a week whenever he is filming.

Only two sports have ever been played on the moon and golf is one of them – Alan Shepard hit a golf ball in a one handed swing on February 6th, 1971, during the Apollo 14 landing.

Famous for its golf today, Scotland actually banned the sport three times during its history,once in 1457, once in 1471 and again in 1491 as it was though to interfere with military training!

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